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“If you’re interested by the absurd, scary, and fascinating ways in which people interact with the natural world, this podcast deserves your ear.” —Abe Streep, Outside Magazine contributing editor

HumaNature is the PRNDI award-winning podcast that tells real stories where humans and our habitat meet, produced by Wyoming Public Media.

Now broadcasting weekly on SiriusXM Satellite Radio, HumaNature has also aired on more than a dozen public radio stations, including CBC Radio-Canada, KUT Austin, and New Hampshire Public Radio, and has been featured on the podcasts Outside/In and HowSound.

“You could listen to any number of podcasts on climate change, but HumaNature from Wyoming Public Media provides a more thoughtful meditation on why our environment is sacred.” —Ashley Lusk, The Bello Collective

Along the way, we’ll meet people whose encounters with nature help us reflect on our own place in the world.

“These are playful, insightful, quirky, provocative, dark, funny, unexpected stories that leave listeners wondering whether we’ve learned more about ourselves or the natural world—and ultimately doubting whether this distinction is all that meaningful.” —Jeff Lockwood, University of Wyoming professor of Natural Sciences and Humanities

Visual artist Meg Thompson’s cover art (above) illustrates the show’s themes: human against nature, nature against human, and harmony between human and nature. So pop in some earbuds, download or stream an episode, and discover the world you live in.

Our Podcast Team

Caroline Ballard

Caroline Ballard


Caroline comes to Wyoming from Virginia by way of New York City, where she graduated with a BA in Global Liberal Studies from New York University and an MA in Journalism from Columbia University.

Caroline is more accustomed to riding the subway in the urban jungle than riding horses in the mountain west, but she’s embracing the open sky. If you invite her, she’s always up for a hike or ski.

Her work has appeared on WFUV, Brick City Live, the Village Voice, and Uptown Radio. Caroline also hosts Morning Edition on Wyoming Public Radio.

Alanna Elder

Alanna Elder


Alanna Elder is studying Agroecology and Environment and Natural Resources. She has lived in Wyoming since you could rent VHS from the grocery store. She counts among her heroes her grandmother, and a bunch of women named Terry and Joan. Like many Laramie-ites before her, she is happiest in the mountains.
Erin Jones

Erin Jones

Producer and Fill-in Host

Erin Jones has a dual MFA in creative writing and environment and natural resources from the University of Wyoming and a BA in geography from the University of Texas at Austin. She has worked as a ranger, teacher, winter camping guide, and waitress. She writes essays and fiction.

She is mostly from Texas, but has also lived in Utah (red rock and alpine), Georgia, Pennsylvania, South Africa, Tennessee, and New Mexico. This diverse assembly of locales has resulted in deep and incongruous affairs with sweet tea, guacamole, trailer breakfast tacos, green chile, and all things spicy.

She started at Wyoming Public Radio two years ago as an intern in the newsroom, and has loved audio storytelling ever since. Erin believes in the power and necessity of tall mountains, good swimming holes, secret waterfalls, and dry eerie canyons. 

Annie Osburn

Annie Osburn


Annie Osburn is an MFA candidate at the University of Wyoming, where she studies and writes fiction. She’s originally from Michigan, and comes to Laramie by way of California, Virginia, Alaska, Utah, and Montana (mostly in that order). 

In addition to HumaNature, she’s also a producer of Spoken Words, Wyoming Public Media’s new literary podcast. When she’s not in class or at the station, she’s hiking, climbing, baking bread, or practicing ’40s standards on the ukulele.

Anna Rader

Anna Rader

Digital Producer

Anna Rader graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in Journalism and is Wyoming Public Media’s digital media manager. As a born and bred Wyomingite, Anna enjoys everything the Cowboy State has to offer: hiking, stargazing, camping, and exploring the state’s unmarked trails.

When she’s not geeking out over Star Wars and everything in the Joss Whedon universe, she enjoys being a cinephile, baking, going to concerts, and indulging in wanderlust.


Micah Schweizer

Micah Schweizer

Senior Producer

Micah Schweizer is Wyoming Public Media’s cultural affairs director. Before to moving to Wyoming, he developed, hosted, and produced a variety of shows at public radio stations in Wisconsin and Indiana.

He got his start in radio at Wisconsin Public Radio and has contributed to networks including NPR and the BBC.

Micah’s favorite outdoor pastimes include cross-country skiing, bicycle commuting, hiking, and gazing at mountains. And his four rescued cats (including a feral cat he tamed) offer daily encounters with the wild world.


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Cover art: Meg Thompson

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HumaNature also offers training and experience for Wyoming Public Media interns.