Real stories where humans and our habitat meet.

“Must-listen.” —WIRED

HumaNature tells stories about human experiences in the natural world, “blending adventure, reality, activism and thrilling storytelling.” —The Dyrt

“You could listen to any number of podcasts on climate change, but HumaNature from Wyoming Public Media provides a more thoughtful meditation on why our environment is sacred.” —Ashley Lusk, The Bello Collective

Wyoming is among America’s last wild places, and our proximity to nature informs the show’s outlook. Stories from around the world are grounded in the belief that humans are not separate from nature but inextricably a part of it.

“These are playful, insightful, quirky, provocative, dark, funny, unexpected stories that leave listeners wondering whether we’ve learned more about ourselves or the natural world—and ultimately doubting whether this distinction is all that meaningful.” —Jeff Lockwood, University of Wyoming professor of Natural Sciences and Humanities

Visual artist Meg Thompson’s cover art (above) illustrates the show’s overarching themes: human against nature, nature against human, and harmony.

“Really incredible stories about humans in nature…one of the most moving podcast episodes I’ve ever heard.” —Between Two Earbuds

The winner of three PMJA (Public Media Journalists Association) Best Station Podcast awards, HumaNature has aired on more than 100 public radio stations and ran weekly on SiriusXM satellite radio in 2017-2018. It has been featured on CBC Radio-Canada’s Podcast Playlist, WHYY’s The Pulse, and WAMC’s 51% and on podcasts including Brain on Nature, NHPR’s Outside/In, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Off Track.

“Terrific storytelling.” —Audible Feast

HumaNature was an official selection at the 2018 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, accompanied an exhibition at Denmark’s ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, and landed on the Bello Collective’s “Best Audio Stories of 2016.”

“Absolutely delightful.” —Melody Kramer, Poynter

So pop in some earbuds and discover the world we share.

If you’re interested by the absurd, scary, and fascinating ways in which people interact with the natural world, this podcast deserves your ear.” —Abe Streep, Outside Magazine contributing editor

The Podcast Team

Erin Jones

Erin Jones

Host and Senior Producer

Erin Jones is HumaNature’s host and senior producer. Her work has received recognition including multiple national awards for Best Station Podcast from PMJA, the Public Media Journalists Association. Jones has also led two innovative science series for the podcast: “Science Camp,” which explored the human side of science, and “The Event Horizon,” inspired by new discoveries about black holes.

Jones earned her Bachelor of Arts from The University of Texas at Austin in geography and her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Wyoming in creative writing and environment and natural resources. Her writing has won the Frank Nelson Doubleday Award, a Kimmel Harding Nelson residency and has been published in The Normal School and Western Confluence. Jones grew up in Texas, Utah, and Georgia, but she’s mostly Texan. She loves backpacking, hiking, camping, and skiing of all kinds. Her partner in crime is her Hurricane Harvey rescue lab mix, Frankie.

Anna Rader

Anna Rader

Digital Producer

Anna Rader graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in Journalism and is Wyoming Public Media’s digital media manager. As a born and bred Wyomingite, Anna enjoys everything the Cowboy State has to offer: hiking, stargazing, camping, and exploring the state’s unmarked trails.

When she’s not geeking out over Dungeons and Dragons, Critical Role, Star Wars and everything in the Joss Whedon universe, she enjoys being a cinephile, baking, going to concerts, and indulging in wanderlust.

Greg Ronco

Greg Ronco

Associate Producer

Greg Ronco is a Boston native with a degree in Management and Entrepreneurship from Clark University. He is a recent transplant to Laramie and is currently a project coordinator for the Wyoming Institute for Disabilities. Greg has spent time teaching English in Japan and working in psychiatric rehabilitation in the Greater Boston area.

He spends most of his time writing, hiking, drinking tea, and attempting photography. Greg loves storytelling in all its formats and is happiest when listening to an audiobook during a long drive or while antagonizing his cat.        

Greg is a traveler at heart and enjoys exploring the world through food and nature. With a penchant for prioritizing curiosity over intelligence, he has gotten lost on several mountains and chased a few too many wild animals. The resulting encounters with tanukis, seals, sunrises, and starlit skies have not helped this habit, but have left him with a romantic affinity for the natural world.

Micah Schweizer

Micah Schweizer

Executive Producer

Micah Schweizer oversees podcast productions at Wyoming Public Media, as well as arts and culture programming. In addition to his award-winning work in Wyoming, he developed, hosted, and produced a variety of shows at public radio stations in Wisconsin and Indiana and has contributed to networks including NPR and the BBC.

Micah’s favorite outdoor pastimes include cross-country skiing, bicycle commuting, hiking, and gazing at mountains.

Charles Fournier

Charles Fournier

Assistant Producer

Charles Fournier teaches English at East High School in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Since earning an MA in literature from the University of Wyoming, Charles has dabbled in Italian archaeology, road trip classrooms, paddleboard building, and coaching wrestling. His work, written and audio, has been featured on The Modern West and HumaNature podcasts, in The Owen Wister Review, and at various academic conferences.

When given the opportunity, Charles loves to escape outside with his wife, Jennie, and dogs, Sophie and Remi. Whether cross-country skiing in the Rocky Mountains, hiking in Moab, backpacking in the Wind River Range, paddling in the Finger Lakes, climbing at Vedauwoo, or making big decisions while staring at the ocean, he prefers to be outside.

HumaNature alumni
Alanna Elder, Megan Feighery, Ashton Hooker, London Homer-Wambeam, August Lah, Ryan Oberhelman, Annie Osburn, and Tressa Versteeg

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Cover art by Meg Thompson
Logo by Adrienne Vetter

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HumaNature also offers training and experience for Wyoming Public Media interns.