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Episode 24: Bearded Ladies

This is the second episode in our three-part Science Camp series, where we’re exploring the human side of science. Paleobotanist Ellen Currano noticed a lack of other women in her field. So she decided to dress up as a man. Read More
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Episode 23: Between A Rock And A Holy Place

This is the first episode in a three-part summer series, called Science Camp, where we’re exploring the human side of science. Ryan Haupt had a lot of questions about his faith. When he started looking for answers, he unearthed them in unexpected places. Read More
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Summer Series Preview

We’re starting a new three-part summer series on June 21: Science Camp, where we explore the human side of science.

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Episode 18: Go Tell It In The Desert

Arik was burning to share his faith with the world. But the people he thought needed his message the most weren’t interested in what he had to say. And the camels weren’t, either. Read More
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Episode 16: Amy And The Animals

It was November 9, 2016. Amy was worried about the new political landscape. But some unusual encounters at work gave her fresh perspective. Read More
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Episode 15: The Young Man Of The Mountain

In this episode, we’ll introduce you to another outdoor show we really like…New Hampshire Public Radio’s Outside/In. 12-year-old Tyler Armstrong was on a quest to climb Mount Everest, but he had people wondering: how young is too young to climb Mount Everest? Read More

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Episode 13: Bigfoot

For our 13th episode, we venture off the beaten path to hear about Bigfoot and the scientist who’s on a mission to find him.  Read More
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Episode 7: Man vs. Machine

Micah Schweizer was skiing in the back-country when he uttered a curse against snowmobilers. But you know what they say—be careful what you wish for. Read More
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Episode 4: Catch And Release

Tonia Hanson had a secret. But when a private river retreat turned out to be very, very public, Tonia found unexpected healing.

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Episode 1: Up A River, Without… A Pigeon?

Charlie Thomas worked as a whitewater rafting guide in the 80s. His boss became obsessed with selling photos of clients taken while they ran the rapids. The only problem was getting the film back across the river and into town to be developed before the clients returned. Read More

From the Blog

4 Women-Hosted Podcasts

Happy International Women’s Day! Also, this month is #trypod month. That means we’re encouraging you to recommend your favorite podcast to a friend. If they don’t know how to access podcasts, offer to show them.

To celebrate both, we’re recommending some of our favorite podcasts hosted by women.   

The Gateway Tree

In the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, where I grew up, needle-leafed evergreens grew so thick they became invisible, in the way that abundant things do. In my memory, they grow in walls along highways, homogeneous, never-ending. Roads curved or straightened and either way you’d never see ahead or over, because of the pines. You couldn’t catch a view. The ground, wherever I played—at school, at home, in the front yard, in the backyard, by the creek—lay thick with red dry needles. The branches started twenty feet above my head, too high to climb.

You’ve Asked Us To Tell More Stories

One of the greatest compliments our show has received is listener requests for more episodes. So now, instead of coming to you just once a month, we’re going to release episodes every few weeks. At the very end of every episode, we’ll let you know when to expect the next one. Because we’re telling more stories, you’ll be hearing a new voice: our producer Erin Jones is stepping in as fill-in host. (You’ve already met her as the storyteller in episode 9, and she’s hosting our newest episode.)