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Tarik Moore always enjoyed nature. He used to play rugby and go for the occasional hike. But when he found a like-minded community in @OutdoorAfro, it led to new adventures.

Founders say microaggressions like this and a general misconception that Black people aren't interested in the outdoors can make it hard for some to take up the activity. #BlackAFinSTEM

It's #BlackBirdersWeek. And if you've not heard of that before - that's because it's new. This inaugural event came about in response to the racist incident in Central Park last week when a white woman called the police after a Black birder asked her to put her dog on a leash.

Sergio Avila, known prominently for his jaguar research, shifted his focus to equity in the outdoors.

From young, I fostered a deep and abiding love for the natural world.

Exploring landscapes; appreciating the beauty of all life through my parents.

Now, I research how #rewilding our land with keystone species can help wildlife to thrive

#BlackInNature #BlackandSTEM #beavers
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