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This is our first pandemic-produced episode! By me, on my laptop, on my desk-cum-craft-table.

Michael Benanav studies nomadic people. So when he was invited to accompany the Van Gujjar on their annual migration to the Himalayas, he jumped at the chance. Turned out, they wanted a journalist along that year for reasons he hadn't expected.

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A look at the @HumaNaturePod team coming up with the title of our new episode, while connecting via Zoom and working from home. Wondering what it's about?

Find out tomorrow! Make sure to check your feeds. 🎧
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Producer Alec Shaffer has been having a lot of coffee and is really getting into planting. He has some basil, Brussels sprouts, and tomatoes at the moment. He's never been into gardening before and is finding it very fun. 🍅


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