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Episode 7: Man vs. Machine

Micah Schweizer was skiing in the back-country when he uttered a curse against snowmobilers. But you know what they say—be careful what you wish for. Read More
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Episode 4: Catch And Release

Tonia Hanson had a secret. But when a private river retreat turned out to be very, very public, Tonia found unexpected healing.

Read More

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Episode 1: Up A River, Without… A Pigeon?

Charlie Thomas worked as a whitewater rafting guide in the 80's. His boss became obsessed with selling photos of clients taken while they ran the rapids. The only problem was getting the film back across the river and into town to be developed before the clients returned. Read More

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We’re Passing The Hat

At the top of every episode, the first thing you hear Caroline say is “From Wyoming Public Media, this is HumaNature.” It’s a pretty self-explanatory statement, but there’s one word that I’d like to single out right now: public.

HumaNature Wins National Award

We’re excited to announce that HumaNature won a second place award in podcasting at the annual PRNDI awards ceremony in St. Louis this past Saturday! It’s a very validating way to cap off our first season and great inspiration for the second season, which returns on August 17.