At the top of every episode, the first thing you hear Caroline say is “From Wyoming Public Media, this is HumaNature.” It’s a pretty self-explanatory statement, but there’s one word that I’d like to single out right now: public.

Because the show is produced by a public radio station, what you hear is paid for in large part by listeners, people who give money to Wyoming Public Media to help pay for shows they like. That’s how public radio works. And because one of those fund drives is happening right now, we’re reaching out to our audience, wherever you are, and passing the virtual hat.

You’ve probably seen a hat passed by a street performer. If one or two people drop some change in the hat, that’s a pretty poor take for the performer. But if a bunch of people pitch in some change, well, the street performer gets to grab a nice burger, maybe even a beer. It’s the same for HumaNature—and public radio in general. We’re not expecting one or two listeners to foot the bill, we’re asking lots and lots of listeners (yes, you, too!) to give a little. Here’s how: go to the Donate page, and you’ll be taken to a secure form where you can give any amount you’d like. If you check the box that says you’d like to have your name read on air, we’ll give you a shout-out in an upcoming episode. (If you can give 60 bucks, we’ll also send you one of our cool new HumaNature T-shirts.) And because you’re donating to a non-profit organization, it’s tax-deductible.

That’s all there is to it.

So if you’ve read this far without clicking on the Donate page, please do it now, drop some change in the hat, and enjoy the great feeling of helping to make HumaNature possible. The next episode you hear will be thanks to you!

 Micah Schweizer

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