Hi HumaNature listeners! Caroline here.

The last few episodes of HumaNature have been a little different. Namely, Erin and Micah, our last two interviewees, have also been producers on the show. You might be thinking “Why do they need to interview their producers? There are plenty of stories out there!” Well, you’re right! There are so many stories out there, waiting to be told. But part of that is also knowing that every person has their own story to tell.

By having storytellers share their experiences in nature without heavy narration by a host or producer, we try to bring listeners face to face (or ear to ear) with the thoughts and emotions happening in each episode.

As a host, I can say the interviews that get us to a raw and emotional end product can be tough. Questions may be personal, and sometimes it takes over an hour of interviewing to end up with episode of around fifteen minutes. It’s not always a walk in the park, but I think it makes the stories that much more real and authentic.

This is one of the reasons we have looked to ourselves for a few episodes. Who are we to ask people to put themselves on the line if we aren’t willing to do it ourselves? It’s one thing to host and produce the show, but being in the “hot seat” presents a whole new perspective of how to approach interviewing, editing, and producing. We hope that by hearing our stories, you might be inspired to approach the mic yourself.

If you’re ready to share your story, you can contact us here: http://humanaturepodcast.org/contact/

– Caroline Ballard

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