Do you ever wonder if outdoor adventure types have different DNA than you or me? You know, the people who summit mountain peaks (plural), take 30 mile bike rides before breakfast, go on weeks-long backpacking treks or rafting trips, people who own specialized Spandex or rock climbing helmets or Telemark skis?

I’ve met a lot of people like this since moving to Wyoming. And while I do more frequent—and more challenging—outdoor activities than I did in my (embarrassingly sedentary) life before Wyoming, I still sometimes question if these people have something innate that I don’t.

Well, this month’s episode has a clear answer: no.

Sophie May has become an outdoor savant, but listen to her story, and you’ll find out she wasn’t always like that. Just like anybody who gets good at doing something—cooking, gardening, windsurfing, whatever—she had to learn. And she made mistakes along the way.

So if you weren’t born wearing crampons (your mother thanks you), take heart. Everybody has to start at the beginning—and if they can do it, you and I can, too. All it takes is a bit of courage and a first step. Just don’t make that first step a 54-mile uphill slog with safety equipment you don’t know how to use!


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