Running across America—no matter how lofty your life’s ambitions might be, that’s probably not on the list. But on this month’s episode, we hear from a woman who ran from coast to coast, all 3128 miles. She did it alone, too, pushing 70 pounds of gear in a giant stroller.

Of course, a feat like that makes for a good story—maybe even an inspiring one. Running across America puts you in an elite club, but in the end, what does it really have to do with people like you and me? It’s not like we’re going to run across the country.

Maybe the most surprising piece of the story is that even though Christina Lee accomplished the extraordinary, she learned lessons along the way that are so…ordinary. How to trust. How to receive help. How to see the good in other people. The things we all struggle with in daily hum-drum life.

Christina’s run makes for an epic tale, but it’s more than that—its lessons reveal themselves in the smallest moments in her day-to-day life, the same kind of moments you and I have in our day-to-day lives. For me, that makes her story all the more inspiring.

 – Micah Schweizer

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