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Dear HumaNature Listener,

This is an update to let you know that I am leaving Wyoming Public Media for a new adventure, and HumaNature is now on hiatus.

I’m so so grateful to have gotten to cofound and work on this podcast for the past six-plus years. It has helped shape who I am as a storyteller, writer, and journalist. It’s taught me the value of making a safe, intimate space for someone who might not otherwise know how to tell a story or feel comfortable doing so.

I hope that we can all take some lessons from quiet, spacious HumaNature. Lessons like:

  1. Create contexts where people ease naturally into stories: campfires and screen-free living rooms and lingering at the table long after dinner.
  2. Ask the quiet people for their tales. Be the best listener: laugh uproariously, make eye contact, cry if you feel like it.
  3. If you are the quiet person, tell a story.
  4. Nature does not require you to be good. It does not require you to be the first to do anything or the best or the fastest or anything at all. You are nature, exactly how you are, and like anyone you belong in the trees and the plains and the ocean and the mountains.

You allowed me the space to experiment and try stuff and stretch–doing that at my workplace felt like magic. My favorite episodes are these:

  • Hoofprints on the Heart, about a guy who walked across South America with his donkey. This has a special place in my heart because it’s the first episode I ever produced from start to finish.
  • The Hunt, about the woman who followed a dying elk across the Wind River Mountains.
  • Event Horizon, about black holes and artists and mothers and god.
  • All our In-Between episodes because they were so ghostly and FUN.

This is a very special podcast and community. Thank you for taking these journeys with me.

HumaNature will update on social media to let you know what’s next. And in the meantime, we’re really proud of the other podcasts we’ve made. The Modern West is story-rich journalism about the evolving identity of the American West. Carbon Valley follows one underdog team in a quest to create a technology that could slow down climate change. The same storytelling hands that made HumaNature–mine, and other names you hear in the credits–are all over those two shows.

Goodbye to you. I’m so thankful for the time we got to spend together.

Happy trails,

Erin Jones

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