Melbourne, Australia wanted its residents to help keep an eye on its trees. So they gave every tree an email address. But then the trees started to write back.


Arron Wood

Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne, Arron Wood.


Share your love for trees! Post a picture of you with your favorite tree (or just the tree) on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and use the hashtag #MelbourneEnts. We’ll share our favorites.


Melbourne's Urban Forest Map

Melbourne’s Urban Forest Map



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2 comments on “Episode 17: The Ents Of Melbourne

  1. That moment when you are mapping out a historic estate planting plan for the upcoming year and you start tearing up because people are actually caring about the urban planet and such. I am a head gardener. I make sure that nature looks “beautiful” to the common tourist and millionaire. I prune and pick and decide what stays or goes. But if I really had my way, loads of things would stay, less pesticides would be used and this historic estate along Lake Superior would grace the glossy shores in it’s natural state. Alas, I will continue to cater to the tourists! Cheers to Melbourne for connecting humans to nature! Not a bad idea for this touristy place!

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