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Roy Hunter’s Roadkill Recipes 

Here is my philosophy. In general, I like my game to taste like game. That is why I like venison better than moose…deer tends to have more of a game flavor.

For the good cuts of roadkill, I slice into small steaks, fry them in butter, add some course-ground black pepper. Serve the meat on top of toast with the pan drippings poured over the whole thing. Perfect.

Now, to the less-desirable cuts…mostly from the forequarters.

Chili is an excellent use of the upper forequarter meat. I always liked Wick Fowler’s Chili Kits. Here is the Bogarted recipe.

For the forequarter cuts with a lot of connective tissue, the answer is making it into Roadkill Pulled Pork. Here is an excellent treatment

All of one’s roadkill can taste just like well-handled game. No difference. No funky tastes.

It is also true, sometimes I have been short on discretion and long on enthusiasm. Mostly, here, we are talking roadkill which has been out in the sun too long; maybe in the summer; maybe quite a bit too long in the summer. Anyway, the answer there, other than the obvious one (giving the meat back to the coyotes and raccoons), is to make it into chili or barbecue. LONG cooking and HEAVILY spiced.

I stand by my contention, which is not based in facts or knowledge of history, that chili was invented, in the first place, to deal with sketchy meat. I expect BBQ was invented to deal with hard-to-appreciate cuts of meat…but, maybe somewhat “out of date” meat played a role there, too.

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