This week Nepal issued its first permit to climb Everest since two devastating earthquakes earlier this year killed nearly 9,000 people.

Weekend Edition had a great interview with Outside Magazine managing editor Grayson Schaffer about the complexities of reopening the mountain to climbers. On one hand, Nepal is extremely dependent on the revenue from tourists and permitting that are associated with climbing Everest.

However, writers like Mark Jenkins have critiqued the influx of climbers on the mountain, citing the massive amounts of waste left behind by climbers and the danger incurred by Sherpa guides and climbers when egos and financial investment cloud sound decision making while summiting.

What are your thoughts on the re-opening of Everest to climbers? Is there a way to rejuvenate the Nepali tourist economy while also guaranteeing safe and trash-free summit attempts? What are our ethical obligations towards the landscapes that we recreate in, and the people who inhabit them? Let us know your thoughts on the subject!

Ryan Oberhelman

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